Serpent Song

Serpent Song is my attempt at building a unique, memorable fantasy world. In a market overrun with Tolkienesque worlds and races, I wanted to create a world all my own, populated with the kinds of things I always loved as a kid. Monsters, races of inhuman creatures, exotic animals, giant insects, as well as styles of art and culture that have inspired me, like Indonesian/Indian art, obscure folklore, middle-eastern ornaments, weapons, and costumes.

With its main characters, I also hope to bring a new element of diversity that defies typical gender archetypes that people have come to expect from fantasy fiction.

The story is me indulging in all my favorite aspects of fantasy storytelling, pushing my design skills to the limit, and mucking around with a genre that is full of untapped possibilities.

You can read the entire series online at

Book 1 now available on Amazon HERE

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