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My entire life has been spent in a sketchbook. Ever since I was little, raised on a steady diet of monster movies and illustrative arts of every form, I drew from morning till night. Drawing, sketching, designing, raw and spontaneous creation, non-stop. I always saw monsters as the purest expression of that freedom; the design and birth of a living thing that came from your imagination alone, has always captivated me. Monsters, to me, represented imagination's power, and its infinite well of possibility.

Aside from monsters though, my greatest love in life is world-building. Whether it is for film, games, novels, or graphic novels, I enjoy storytelling through visual mediums. When creating a world, every piece can and does tell part of a story. Everything from moss growing on roof-beams of a barn to litter in an alleyway can help make even the most outlandish places feel real and alive.

And by the same token, characters are brought to life that way as well. Give a character a necklace, a scar, a tattoo, a charm tied to their weapon, a stance, a walk, a hairstyle, or a wardrobe of certain shapes and colors... all these things add up to turn that creature or character from 'just a cool design' to a living breathing story all their own.

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About me

My name is Evan Thomas, and I'm a freelance artist specializing in Concept and Character Design, Illustration, and sometimes Cartooning.

For business and commission inquiries, feel free to contact me at: